Training Classes and Services

Training Classes

​Body Language and Deception in High Risk Environments

 3 days/24 hours or 5 days/40 Hours 

This workshop is designed to give the student an overall understanding of body language from a law enforcement stand point.  The topics include general body language, anticipating violent encounters and deception detection. This class will also focus on documenting observations in reports. The class combines lecture, video presentations, and field exercises into a well-rounded understanding on the subject.

Advanced Body Language: Situational Awareness and Ambush Indicators

 *3 days/24hours or 5 days/40 Hours  *

This class will present law enforcement different options on how to increase situational awareness while both on and off duty.  The student will understand that situational awareness is not a skill, but a mindset that can be taught and applied to everyday life.  This instruction will teach the student to not only apply this mindset, but also be able to articulate the actions of others in a report.  

The target audience for this
class is school resource officers, correctional officers, and patrol officers.
*Class must be hosted on a campus during school times or have access to
population area for scenario training 

Behavioral Analysis: Indicators of School Violence

 *1 Day/8 hours *

This class will help law enforcement officers recognize behavioral tells and body language associated with those who have committed extreme violence and or mass murder. The desired outcome is for officers to be able to identify and manage suspects before they become perpetrators of violence. The target audience for this class is school resource officers, correctional officers, and patrol officers. 


Instructor Certifications

 We provides instructor certifications for officers at your agency to instruct an approved one day class format in one of the following topics:

Body Language
Deception Detection 
Pre-Attack Indicators 
Situational Awareness 

Key Note Speaking

We will come to your agency, organization or group and speak on a behavioral topic of your choice. This includes debriefing a past event from a behavioral standpoint.  

Expert Consulting

We also offer expert consulting on the following areas:

Expert Witness/Testimony 

Use of force review 

Training Development 

Report writing for use of force